Tuesday, February 25

School system surpasses $2 million in savings

Excerpt from “Greater Clark County Schools is being green, saving green……..
School system surpasses $2 million in savings with energy conservation program”

Greater Clark County Schools energy conservation program is paying off — by $2,034,065 in 43 months to be exact.

“Ahh, it feels fantastic,” said Gus Luckert, energy manager for the corporation, who oversees the program. “When I first started in this business … I thought I would never get to a million [dollars in savings] and we went from 1 million to 2 [million] in no time at all. It’s speeding up.”

The corporation entered into a four-year contract with Energy Education to get the energy conservation program created and started. In the first two years, the corporation saved $1 million in cost avoidance, when comparing the utility bills to those before the program. In a year and a half since then, Greater Clark saved another million, making the total exceed the $2 million goal.


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Excerpt: By JEROD CLAPP jerod.clapp@newsandtribune.com